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How To Make The Most Of A Long Commute

Let’s face it… The daily commute is something that we could all quite happily live without. Spending a few hours crammed on to public transport before you even get to your workplace can be stressful, especially when you consider the fact that UK workers spend a full year of their lives commuting.

Still though, it’s the nature of the beast, and aside from occasionally exercising the option to work from home, there’s nothing that most of us can do about it. So it makes sense to think about how you can use that time productively. Here are a few options that you might want to consider…

Get yourself prepared for the day ahead

A little bit of organisation can go a long way, and using your commute wisely can help to elevate many of the common stresses of a modern workplace. You could check your emails, for example, and prioritise communications in the order that they need to be dealt with. You could write your to do list, so you can hit the ground running as soon as you get into work. Equally, there will be similar tasks that you can do on the way home that will make life easier the next day. Creating a few routines for your commute can prove to be extremely useful.

Work on a personal project

These days, many of us have portfolio careers that include a side hustle that we work on in our spare time, either to make some extra money, to acquire new skills, or even just as an avenue to pursue a passion. The biggest challenge that many of us are up against though is a lack of time. In between work life and commitments at home, when are we supposed to get the opportunity to start a website, or build a meaningful presence on social media? Well, your commute may be the answer! If you can dedicate even just an hour each day to your side project, you’re likely to see big progress within a couple of months. It’s an investment that you’re likely to be very pleased that you made. Eager to pursue this, but need a little inspiration? Check out these ten ways to make money online in the UK – you’re sure to find something that’s right up your street.


Remember that you don’t have to be tuned into work all of the time! You no doubt work very hard when you’re in the office. You shouldn’t feel bad about using your commute to get a little ‘me time’. If you’ve got a family at home, it could be the only time you get to yourself, so don’t feel guilty for enjoying it. Read that novel that’s been on your bookshelf for ages, or tune into a podcast on your favourite topic. Or if you’d prefer, just stare out of the window and enjoy a little people watching! You could end up feeling rested and rejuvenated, making this option one of the most productive things that you could do.

If you put this advice into action, then you could find that your commute comes a lot more bearable. It’s unavoidable, so you might as well develop a strategy that will enriched your life and open up more opportunities for your future.

How do you use your daily commute? Will you be trying any of the ideas that are discussed here?